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Summer six weeks …holiday??

Theres a few different focuses going on at the minute…i thought the Android smartphone would be a synch so i could plan an blog an write an research stuff towards whatever goal i choose, photography, local area stuff, womens stuff, stay up to date, maybe even back to part or full time work…teach, admin who knows…even volunteer some outdoor projects…nat trust, rspb, but after four…yes four ph crashes… impossible to update ph sw, reset replacement, change model, crash…network prov or absurdly growing app i dont know…and the latest replacement…its taken five months to set it up to the way i want to use it…and in the meantime lots family stuff so now i have to rethink where i was at…i feel brainwashed by stuff that was so new it hardly worked…and tge cheap netbook i wanted to replace coz it only workd at 1.86Ghtz still has the edge coz i can design web stuff on it and type ten fingers rather than one….rethink…android tablet…still linux…no drag an drop features, no sw prog that need windows…no vistaprint designing…new netbook?? New laptop less programmes…will i get attackd for it if i take it out…is it too heavy, too big…whats the ans??
An then theres the last fifteen years brainwashing of caring parents and kids…so into the six week summer holiday chill out phase going back to salaried work has pluses and minuses…more thinking…
Checkout the   androidfengshui.blogger or blogspot…cant rem the full link…post later

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