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Currently its strange, but despite desperately missing my old family folk – i am (25+ years on and since) sure that i want some to resurrect only some of them – or as a preference, resurrect on a part time basis! Thats awfully mean, but i really need to focus on my own world – a bit late and far too conditioned after the gec debacle however theres one special person it feels really should return unretire resurrect or just play again – i so forgot and am so sorry that the stupid gec case invoked a name i wouldn’t have upset for anything.
Its plain youtube and the internet music can twist anything for the sake of a fast buck, but theres memories too.
Its fun and excruciatingly sad to remember and think of what could have been had i not been such a sucker for a manipulative but pretty cool funny musical parent and its even cooler to know that someone understood.

Another new blog on the horizon (a post every now and again is ok!)



Sad about Pearl and the woman from Cirque Soleil last year too!

In the last couple of years, and maybe now the adjusting phase of old, very old close relatives and their twilight and demise has come to an end, the creative, (but not too professional as that would have meant they couldn’t come first) learning curve might take off in a more significant way:- who knows it might be the new self employment if in a not perfectly perfect way.

New twitter to add q50nottm

Because now its a requirement to start again and work to the new pension age of …wait for it …66!

Its not about paganism, its sour grapes on women nothing less…because we wanted to work in the first place!


Thats building on dily idea of tsm transporting social media sites


Its going to be a book i think…maybe shoul be a private blog for a while!


New start

It’s December and this year so far there’s no snow on the ground; just a really tiny sprinkle in the local park…we never have snow or hardly ever but this time last year was so tough; really snowbound worried about the road and cars as the way out of the estate was an icerink: this year so far it’s normal and just a bit cold and rainy.  It’s a new start after two years of everything changing…one foot in front of the other concept.

Plans that dont go to plan

So many kindof brill ideas, all stymied by problems of one sort or another, the latest being an sd card that unmounted itself and lost super hdr photo’s that hadnt been backed up: because of other hassles. Joined up thinking is cool but so many times plans get put on hold by the ordinary everyday living stuff… I’m sure its why people pair-off and i think success is always at the expense of the ordinary but it’s that foothold on the everyday stuff that equals surviving…a conundrum!! Maybe i need a team!!

Missing Nana


It’s been a tough summer with no nana and not being able to chill out in her garden, with teens doing their own thing.  This pic is of the farmland my mum had to leave when her family sold their farm in the 1940’s.  I made a website, only a simple one

A few new blogs






and wasnt happy with my new software, and made


Jalbum and flickr and picasa need some new photo’s and as my updates are being made from a smartphone app, its not possible to arrange how the update info appears in my blogs so they will need tidying up later

The vistaprint creations are all shown on


The most important of which is


An android smartphone allows easy updating for blogs, but it’s not possible to update or design online websites

All these creations have kept me quite busy, and so has taking lots of new photo’s, corel essentials software has provided lots of fun making digital art from my own pictures.

A new tumblr was added to this digital collection:-


so it seems there has been quite a techi online kind of summer, maybe theres some kind of digital collection book-creation that they can all be woven into, ordinary life carried on in between, lots dentist visits, tooth agony, a stupid paired lovely fella of many years had a lot of replacement and new computer games to master, and then trashed his car…that i bought so two brokenhearted people, family found new work and friends and the lovely summer days whiled away and the evenings were online ongames or on smartphones…roll on autumn…

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