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a new hobby to add to the photography

Its just not so simple sorting a one person organised christmas…. but have eventually recreated my season of good cheer and kept reasonably up with the neighbourhood… carol singing in the village (suburb) square… nearly forgot i was mumtaxi and ALMOST pulled into the pub for a drink but remembered just in time…. carted all the food shopping (no mean feat when theres a flight of stairs) had the turkey dinner …. and forgot turkey needs cooking twice as long as any other meat to be at its best… and then cremated it into cinders thinking i could improve on it for boxing day…. had to go and buy a chicken instead …. i wont forget and do that again… i hope…  Bought lots pressies, missed mi sis and bro who arent on our wavelength… managed to send all the christmas cards that i usually forget and rely on mi elderly mum to add our names too…big soz to the two that didnt get posted (bro and coz)  i will find time to check linkdin, post, phone book etc for the address.  Sadly lovely elderly mum-nana had passed away this time last year so it wasn’t ok to be too over the top and luckily she was 90 and we had been together for lots of lovely christmases

I made her a website evesmydeardarling1.vpweb.co.uk    its been sad the last few days as this is the time we realised that it wasnt possible for her to recover… but after the snowy weather this late autumn i think it may have been best… she loved the snow and used to sledge and ice skate around her village but the cold really would have stopped us being able to run for the lifeline so easily and visiting late evening wouldnt have been sensible… and she so much wanted to be in her own home…. and mi flight of stairs made here impossible.

I miss her tremendously, she was my friend and also helped with lots of good sense about mi microbiz… tutoring… her skill was piano playing, and a really excellent player too… mozart sonatas, no problem at all… i wish i could play too now but we all decide to go against some things and playing music and practising was one of the things i gave up quite early on.

Its late evening i havn’t been able to sleep so well all the xmas holidays … i still havn’t made up my mind the focus of my blog… i’ve made so many internet thingys…. but i’ve  added some to my micro tutoring biz by making a webiste   business-studies-a-level-revision-2011.vpweb.co.uk  as a revision tool/resource so i feel more community spirited … i’d like to make a space for some really cool school student webdesigns as no one seems to know the kids are making them and some are awsome… maybe thats a focus for another website….

Have taken quite a few awsome pics through the snow and since, i need to update my jalbum and flickr.  The latest info on the possible sell off through parliament of the forestry commission has prompted a community page from my facebook …. i’ve called it ‘Save Sherwood Forest’ but i’m not an activist and am far from a protest organiser but i emailed the wildlife uk trust as they have thousands of members and might ask their membership to sign the online petition… i’ve yet to decide how to incorporate all my internetings into mi wordpress…. currently the facebook has a page badge… maybe i can load it here… i’ll check back in a couple of days with more ideas and info.

This all sounds a bit rushed, but i’ve been internet shopping … it was a research activity …honest… i kind of want the pages of the bigger shopping sites to flip over like a book… all that clicking and size checking too for ever… i finally found all the bargains i could and they arrived today…some awsome (shoes) some ok (dresses) and some real clangers…but cheap clangers…. must send a few back… and since i looked for the designers i found i liked and couldnt resist ordering a couple…. the returns will balance the cost i think… its good to treat myself … all i need now is to be able to make some internet wizardry for someone who is prepared to accept basic wyrdwiz designs and the ltd co status to sort it… although i think the legal docs i bought should protect me quite well but i must keep it to the UK…..

Its only Jan 11th so i have all year to plan for…. more soon.

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