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… And so is Dilydaydream:- all are busy trying to cope with the everyday world of working at home, and planning a future.  In the background are lots of ‘mum on her own problems’ and obstacles some ordinary, some coming from keeping up to date, and some from the lovely wheel of life that finds us on the up sometimes and other times on the downside and on top of which it’s hoped – I hope, I can make some small droplet of sense in a world of hustle and bustle and hurry up. 

Awsome quantities of data in this funny virtual world can mean a feeling of real and total insignificance and yet in a small UK East Midland suburban community the every day routine goes on just as it does everywhere.   I looked for handbag.com the other day and had trouble finding it… strange it was all the talk at one time, but maybe women are being forgotten again – or forgetting themselves – with their peripheral work and homelife and kids and so on.   So then I thought if there are avatar pics, I should have avatar names too…. one for the rebel or the one who can cope with everything life throws when times are tough, one for family, and one for me…. I know theres a few more on the backburner waiting to hop out and see the light of the virtual day.  I’m hoping I can find a few more people who are aware of the facets of themselves and have a few minutes to share them over a virtual coffee….  

I found digital oil painting recently as well as flickr and jalbum and lots of photo sites, and I’ve been taking loads of photos of the local area… and thats quite a lonely way of spending a day especially transfering them to computer backing up surviving crashes etc… but this blog is for the written word mostly and I’ve a mind to resurrect my old interest in Astrology … not the creepy everyday make money kind but a focus on what might be possible today and might think of a few ways of linking that info (which lots of other countries use all the time) into a sense of who we are and who we can be and how women can survive the cloak of family nonperson…… so maybe this blog will fit in with some of those ideas…  I’m not sure yet.. not post rave, but taking some credit from their creativity…who knows we can be anything if we wish…

The timing of things and cycles and seasons are so important to mums and kids and families and so unimportant to the working world (unless you sell christmas cards of course) so I want to manifest some kind of stepping out of the rat race kind of blog… (it’s along time since we heard that phrase too… back to the 1970s when there were too many jobs and not enough people to fill them is a lifetime away for many communities) … but stepping in and out of the rat race isnt so easy either… especially if there are little savings to tide you over the bureacratic jungle…  So if I’m patient enough and can include all these rollercoaster fortunes and can take a space to think … something creative might just emerge… quietly and like plants growing rather than with a fanfare.

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